July 25, 2014

I played her like a blues chord
All emotion

Expressing it all just trying
to stop feeling like this

Escapism in a human being

Our lust was a punk song
often angry but honestly frustrated

Pent up and needing release
so we lashed out with sex towards each other

Moans heavy with a distortion pedal

Now I write a triumphant ballad
that would make Queen jealous

About how we defied the world
and managed to be happy for days

Fucked up but we worked

Sex was our glue
Lust was our drug
our life has a soundtrack of Rock and Roll

July 25, 2014

With on delicate touch
I see her skin come to life
Everywhere I gently trace

I tell her not to move
but I don’t tie her down
Like she wanted me to

She must hold herself back
while I roam wherever I want
I don’t care about control

I do this for that look on her face
the expression of begging for me
The little moans she can’t stop

And all the subtle shifts
when she tries to direct me
with her entire body

With one delicate touch
she seems like mine
but in truth I am her’s

Every motion planned for her pleasure alone

July 25, 2014

What shall I do today? I get to pick up my tuned up bike, go see Hercules, and just chill. Today shall be a good day. 

July 24, 2014

I would give anything to hold her close, to be the first thing she sees when she wakes up, to kiss her and comfort her, to be the one who knows all the things she likes, to always know what she’s thinking so she wouldn’t have to say it, to be the one she turns to, to be the one who never let her down, to have a chance at being everything she wants

But I would give everything to see her love for me dancing behind her eyes whenever she looked at me, to know that she wants the best for me, to be certain that she’d always be loyal, to feel that if heaven and hell banded together she would stand fast for me and yell “Bring it on you mother fuckers, because you’re not getting my man, you don’t deserve him!”, to trust that she would keep nothing from me,

All of this giving should not be done lightly, Never should it be taken for granted. 

July 24, 2014

You know… I don’t find myself missing the times I’ve had people offer their bodies to my whims. I don’t think about lips and touches and having. Now when I feel alone I long for those conversations I would have. Those times I didn’t have to explain myself. Those times where I was dazzled by personality and intellect.

Now as I sit alone in my dark room… I just wish I had someone to talk to.

July 23, 2014

Long fucking intro, but the song is so totally worth it!

July 23, 2014

You know you’ve found a keeper when she freaks out about the same songs coming on the radio as you do.

I’ve never had that experience and I’ve never found a woman worth keeping… so I hope it’s fucking true. :p hahaha

July 23, 2014

There are only
so many ways
Don’t you hold me
Never here to stay

I could find one
last lie to say
The hour has come
I’m going away

I’m no one’s to keep
No words left to speak
Felt it much too deep
Listen to my fleeing feet

I avoid saying that one thing
Too much left, too much time
I wouldn’t know where to begin
I’m not yours, I’m mine

July 23, 2014

Video Journal Update! This thing took me so long to upload, but it’s been a while and I have a lot to say, so there it be.

I hope y’all stick it out and enjoy it. I hope I don’t seem like a prat, just rambling on… I mean, I am, but I hope it doesn’t seem like that. :p 

Love and Peace! ^_^

July 23, 2014

At least twice a day I read my own writing and think “Holy fuck, that’s deep!” and I can’t tell if this is a bad thing or not.

Mostly I’m worried that while I’m writing for myself… this is turning too much into public masturbation at this point.

Then again people run very successful blogs doing just that so… can’t be all bad. :p

Love and Peace! ^_^